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HireGains leverages two decades of data-driven insights used to assemble exceptional sporting teams and successfully adapts those insights to the corporate landscape.

Our technology enables businesses, for talent mobility and acquisition purposes, to understand the unique aspects of their work environment and culture. By understanding those unique aspects, corporate enterprises and talent providers can match the right individuals with the right environment and team.

When individuals are aligned with their surroundings and feel they belong, their performance reaches new levels, and their work takes on greater meaning and purpose.


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Let me show you how our cutting-edge tech platform, EVA, is designed to understand your work environment, so you can make better informed decisions for talent acquisition and mobility purposes.

When people are doing the right work, in the right environment, performance reaches new levels.

Christian Hughes, Chief Technology Officer
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SOLUTIONS for Corporate Enterprises

Let me explain the value of the solutions we provide for Corporate Human Resources, Talent Leaders, Line Management and Business Leaders. 

Gain comprehensive data and real-time insights with our platform, empowering ground up and dynamic decision making throughout the talent cycle.

Tessa James, Chief Executive Officer
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SOLUTIONS FOR talent providers

Let me explain how HireGains helps all types of Talent and Services Providers acquire great talent for their clients.

This is a powerful solution for staffing firms, executive recruitment firms, RPO firms, companies focused on implementing total talent solutions and CRM integrations for their clients.

Randy Gulian, Executive Chairman

Right People

HireGains  is revolutionizing the world of work by assessing organizations' work environment and culture to better ensure the right people are aligned with the right environment.  Our ground up approach is backed by extensive research, science, and insights from professional sports history.  

Right environment

We believe that optimal performance is achieved when people are in the right environment – doing the right work, connecting effectively, contributing meaningfully, and experiencing a strong sense of belonging.

Right results

By leveraging HireGains, organizations can unlock new levels of performance by aligning individuals with their ideal work environment. We understand that small and incremental changes, across the entire organization, have the ability to create a cumulative and exponential impact on performance.

work with purpose

When individuals and teams are performing, it brings a new level of meaning and purpose to the workplace. Improved meaning and purpose in the workplace will allow organizations to transcend the talent challenges of today.

Empower your organization with HireGains and embark on a transformative journey towards enhanced performance, greater team dynamics, and a shared sense of purpose.

See your organization thrive like never before.

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About Hire Gains

We recognize the pivotal role of a great team environment in fostering exceptional work. 

With extensive experience in talent strategy consulting and operations, our team brings a wealth of expertise in various domains. 

From predictive modelling in performance to technology development, diversity thought leadership to psychometric development, research in purposeful workplaces to business and sales leadership, and extensively across both the corporate enterprise and talent provider space, we encompass a diverse range of skills and knowledge.

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