Meet our technology platform, EVA

Our technology platform is designed to assess and align both the individual and collective values and behaviors of a team, resulting in improved performance.

By identifying the right combination of values and behaviors that resonate within a team, individuals perform at a heightened level. This not only propels individuals and teams forward but also instills a profound sense of purpose in the work we do.

Data Security and Fast Implementation

With unwavering commitment to European GDPR and US data practices, our platform ensures the utmost security and confidentiality of your data, granting you complete peace of mind. Additionally, our cutting-edge technology enables swift and seamless implementations in just 2-4 weeks, allowing you to create value without delays.

Connect and Contribute

Harness the power of our unique Connect and Contribute framework, providing invaluable insights that foster sustainable diversity and a sense of belonging, allowing you to identify the exceptional contributions individuals can bring to your teams.

Global Benchmarks for All Industries

Benchmark your organization and teams against global industry standards, gaining invaluable insights into your cultural and performance patterns, and identifying opportunities for growth and improvement.

Academically Validated with Speed & Outputs

Our personality and cultural models boast over 20 years of academic testing and refinement, ensuring their unparalleled validity and reliability. Experience the efficiency of our advanced psychometric, completed in under 6 minutes, and receive a complimentary automated candidate environment insights report, resulting in a remarkable completion rate of over 94%, streamlining your talent selection process.

Your Own Company Branding

Customize your talent solutions by leveraging your own branding or seamlessly incorporating your clients' branding, offering a tailored experience that aligns perfectly with your organization's identity.

Culture Health Check

Understand the lived experiences of your people and the shared values of your organisation so you understand what makes your organisation work.  Identify the shared values of groups, compare and learn how your values are shaping your performance. All packaged in easy-to-understand way with key interventions outlined to enable your team’s growth.

Cultural Factors

Identify cultural variance across your business and build alignment across teams to drive better performance.  Identify your Employer Value Proposition and your unique cultural profile to seamlessly use in the hiring phase, driving better matched candidates.  As you scale your organisation, monitor your culture to understand how it is evolving to ensure you stay true to what makes your organisation great.

Employee Engagement

Seeing how your culture links to dynamic engagement factors like focus levels, emotional connection and energy levels, you can understand the moderators of performance in your organisation. Review high performing groups to compare their cultural drivers of focus and energy and use this to drive performance across the organisation.

Health and Wellbeing

Understand, monitor and improve the health and wellbeing of your people with key metrics that drive retention.


Understand how your culture is driving sentiment in your organisation. Learn what aspects of your culture have the biggest impact on positive sentiment.

Experience the Power of Purpose

Our platform goes beyond just data accessibility. We believe in the power of understanding team dynamics and the environment that drives performance. By utilizing our tool, you'll gain deep insights into the factors that drive performance and purpose in the workplace, ultimately leading to a more motivated, engaged and higher performing team.